Over my years working in IT I have achieved a set of strong skills in the following areas:


4 years professional experience

  • Deployed several Azure environments hosting a variety of instances and use cases
  • Utilised Azure Active Directory to allow customers to work entirely off Azure with seamless SSO
  • Deployed and managed virtual instances to provide redundant low latency services worldwide
  • Managed web hosting in Azure
  • Deployed ADFS to allow seamless SSO and configured it to work with both native and third party applications along with externally facing two factor security
  • Migrated users to Office 365 from a variety of different mail solutions with zero issues

Active Directory

7 years professional experience

  • Full working experience of systems from Server 2003 to 2016
  • Have built Active Directory structure for several customers from scratch
  • Migrated Active Directory, upgraded core servers
  • Managed and created file systems utilising DFS, BranchCaching, Failover Clusters
  • Full understanding of Group Policy for Desktops and Terminal services environments.
  • Created Remote Access solutions using DirectAccess, OpenVPN, SSL VPN
  • Created Security Policy for organisations matching compliance requirements
  • Resolved severe security issues and restructured environment accordingly



6 years professional experience

  • Built and deployed virtual machines onto an existing vCenter/ESXi¬†infrastructure ranging from version 4.0 to 6.7
  • Built several hosts from scratch from small scale deployments to high end servers
  • Implemented shared storage with both vSAN and VVols
  • Implemented several backup solutions utilising products like Veeam and Backup Exec


4 years professional experience

  • Built and deployed a variety of virtual machines on several Hyper-V clusters and individual hosts
  • Built and configured Networking infrastructure for Hyper-V
  • Configured Storage Spaces for shared storage on Hyper-V
  • Troubleshooted many issues with existing Hyper-V configurations

Citrix XenServer

6 years professional experience

  • Managed XenServer maintaining virtual machines across several clusters and sites

Citrix XenApp/RDS

6 years professional experience

  • Worked with Citrix version 5.0 to 7.15
  • Configured XenApp Published Desktops and Applications for users
  • Configured several stable and efficient environments for thousands of concurrent users
  • Deployed seamless SSO Windows Remote Desktop and RemoteApp solutions for customers
  • Configured full user profiles with folder redirection.
  • Built an MCS Citrix AppLayered Windows Server 2016 environment that can scale with the userbase.
  • Configured and user tested hundreds of apps from different vendors
  • Configured NetScaler/ADC Virtual Servers with SAML authentication and several Two Factors with full security configuration on SSL and HTTP headers.
  • Themed NetScaler/ADC VS and Storefronts. configured dedicated storefronts.
  • Configured NetScaler/ADC as an ADFS proxy for a redundant load balanced 2factor authentication which can work with internal application requirements
  • Configured XenMobile (now Citrix Endpoint Management) for integration of mobile devices to launch Citrix apps on MDM devices.
  • Restricted environment to meet secure requirements also resulting in a consistent experience for all users.



7 years professional experience

  • Deployed several Cisco Layer 3 switches creating segregated VLANs for Management, Wired and Wireless devices
  • Resolved issues with connectivity on several Cisco based networks
  • Upgraded and maintained several different switches
  • Created QoS rules to prevent network overload
  • Deployed and managed several Wireless Meraki solutions with RADIUS authentication


4 years professional experience

  • Deployed and managed multiple Aerohive networks with various security policies and VLANS
  • Deployed networks to varied sites such as retail units, offices and warehouses
  • Maintained and resolved core issues creating stable wireless networks

Palo Alto Firewalls

4 years professional experience

  • Deployed and managed multiple Palo Alto firewall units both physical and virtual
  • Created full network security policies for medium to large scale businesses
  • Resolved issues with telephony restrictions and access restrictions
  • Created network restriction policies to increase security
  • Managed end to end encrypted VPN tunnels
  • Configured HA pairs with WAN failover

SonicWall Firewalls

4 years professional experience

  • Managed multiple SonicWall firewall units across different customers
  • Managed network policies
  • Managed connected wireless acess points
  • Resolved issues with connectivity between offices

HP Aruba

2 years professional experience

  • Deployed and configured several HP Aruba switches with segregated VLANS
  • Configured switches to connect to Cisco network to allow cross platform communications


6 years professional experience

  • Worked with:

EMC VNX/VNXe Storage

Dell EqualLogic

HP StorageWorks

NetApp Storage



  • Configured several SAN arrays from scratch connecting to a variety of virtual environments


5 years professional experience

  • Worked with systems from 2003 to 2016 along with 365
  • Added Skype for Business for instant messaging both on site and connected to Azure
  • Supported users mailboxes with restores
  • Migrated users across domains
  • Joined mailboxes with SharePoint for collaborative working
  • Ran maintenance tasks on Exchange Servers
  • Added and maintaned several anti-spam/virus applications to transport mail flow


  • Highly familiar with both Windows and Linux environments
  • Ability to approach issues from a unique perspective attempting to not only solve an issue but gain understanding of what caused it and how to prevent it from recurring
  • Approachable, friendly and always willing to listen and assist with any customer
  • Strong ability to document implementations with clearly written and helpful information
  • Reliable, will never leave a core issue unresolved


Novell e-Directory

3 years professional experience

  • Managed both Netware and Novell Open Enterprise Server machines on a large environment
  • Configured and joined Netware and Novell OES servers to existing e-directory tree aswell as configured a secondary e-directory tree
  • Installed backup agents and anti-virus agents on these servers and configured them to update and receive their policies from the main server

Novell Zenworks

3 years professional experience

  • Worked with versions 7-11
  • Created and deployed several silent Zenworks bundles for a variety of applications with different install methods varying from launch and install to silent background installations
  • Created and deployed Remote Management Policy in Zenworks 11
  • Built Zenworks environment from scratch and successfully implemented patch management

Novell Groupwise

3 years professional experience

  • Supported multiple Groupwise mailboxes at several different sites connected to the same MTA
  • Resolved core issues with Groupwise servers